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Embrace Your Body. Ignite Your Glow.

We as women and mothers deserve to feel empowered by our bodies. To understand how they function & know what happens to them in pregnancy & beyond. To move and exercise with intention whether that be preparing your body for birth, restoring function after baby. To celebrate our bodies for what they have done and build a strong and positive relationship with them. We are powerful and when we have all of these pieces we can step into that power. Explore the programs offered below.

Online Training with Amanda

VIP Momma Glow Online Program

IGnite your momma glow

This is the program for the Momma who wants it all! Customized personal training, meditations, weekly modules, movement plan & so much more!

Individual Training with Amanda

Pregnancy & Postpartum Training

Momma Glow Pre & Post Natal Programs

Ignite Your Glow with individual, personalized training, custom to you, with Amanda as your guide.

Group Training with Amanda

Group Training

Embrace Your Glow Group

Learn to Embrace Your Glow alongside your friends, your mini-me, and Amanda, your Glow-Igniter.

Running & More with Amanda


mother runner program

Re-Spark Your Love for exercise with Amanda’s on-going fitness and running sessions.