The Myths of Motherhood: Myth #2 "My Body is Broken"

Motherhood Myth

For this week's instalment of the blog series I have chosen the myth "My body is broken." Unfortunately these are words I hear very often when working with my mom clients and I want to help change this viewpoint.   

After having children many women are left feeling like their bodies have failed them and that there is nothing that they can do about it.  Luckily this couldn't be further from the truth and I am grateful to get to show my clients how they can rediscover their inner strength.

It is easy to feel broken when these issues are talked about so rarely and when they are discussed it is with the belief that there is nothing that can be done about it.  I make it my mission to talk openly about issues like incontinence and pelvic floor health and encourage everyone to do the same.  We need moms to know that there is something that they can do, that they do not have to live this way and to seek out help to do it.  

To feel strong is to feel empowered and to be empowered is what makes us unstoppable.  Many moms stop doing what they enjoy and are unable to play with their kids because they are afraid of leaking or are in pain.  By taking steps to correct these issues they are taking back control, they are empowering themselves and in turn, discovering the strength they have always had.

For every mother who feels like their body is broken I will ask you to do something. Try replacing the word broken with strong.  Your body isn't broken because you had a baby, it is strong.  Think of the strength you needed to grow, carry and bring this baby into the world.  We all have this strength within us, we just need to discover it again.

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