Daughters, Dandelions & Life Lessons


I was standing at my back window looking out at my yard thinking about how I needed to mow the lawn. The dandelions were taking over and while they are great for the bees they had to go. I didn’t really give it a second thought until on the way to daycare my daughter looked out the window at a field of them and exclaimed “oh mommy look at all of those flowers! They are just so beautiful”.

What to me was a giant eyesore of weeds, to her were the most beautiful flowers in the world. It got me thinking. What if we could see things the way our children do?

Our kids haven’t yet been told that dandelions are weeds, they see all of the good in them instead of the bad. What if we could do the same?

What if we could see our bodies for just how amazing they are before we were told there was something wrong with them if they don’t meet a certain standard? What if we could show up with love and compassion in the postpartum period instead of feeling pressured to do it all? What if everything we think we want to change about ourselves are actually things to celebrate?

As we get older we take on the beliefs of society, our family, our friends and slowly that wonder of childhood turns into the pressure to change to meet a certain ideal. Perhaps it is that happiness comes in a smaller size, that after baby it is selfish to do anything for yourself, that you are not enough.

These are all just simply not true. They are what we have taken on as our own or what has been placed upon us. We may find ourselves staring at our children wistfully wishing that we had their confidence and positivity but we have it within us already.

It takes time to release the old habits and stories and welcome in the new. What we have told ourselves for years will not want to let go, but it will. Small changes, awareness and compassion are key. Seek out the things that do not serve you and replace it with what does and forgive yourself when it does not happen and old patterns resurface. Then try again.

The more you work at it the better you will feel so excuse me while I go and pick a bouquet of dandelions, I hear they are pretty amazing.


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