What I've Been Up To

Mom trainer sitting in chair

It’s been a little while since you have heard from me and lots of changes have been going on so I wanted to catch everyone up on what’s been happening and introduce myself to my new subscribers!

These past few months I have been busy working to get my rebrand rolled out. It was a labour of love and I am so excited that Embrace & Glow is now out in the world sharing my mission!

I have seen and experienced firsthand how moms are made to feel bad about their bodies after having their babies. In fact, research shows that 60% of women wish they had their bodies back, bodies that don’t even exist anymore.

That statistic is hard for me to take in. It is so reflective of the pressures put on new moms to look a certain way and live up to impossible ideals.

It’s no wonder that more moms than ever report feeling stressed out, exhausted, overwhelmed and just plain lost as they try to navigate the massive changes happening in their lives.

My mission is to help mothers embrace their new bodies and selves, igniting their Momma Glow creating a world where millions of women are celebrating how powerful and limitless they are and changing the way we speak about the postpartum period.

I am going to be doing this through my Facebook Group where everyone is free to share and be supported on their journey, upcoming webinars, blogs and most exciting the launch of my online signature program Ignite Your Momma Glow™!

This 12 week program will incorporate pelvic floor exercise, mindset, meditation & mindfulness to allow you to connect to this new amazing woman you have become and allow you to feel powerful and limitless. I am launching the pilot next month so you can absolutely let me know if you want to learn more and we can book a call!

We as women and mothers deserve better and that is what I aim to provide and speak out for. It took having my two daughters for me to truly open my eyes to what I want to change in the world.

Mom Trainer with 2 daughters laying down

I always say my first daughter gave me my voice and my second, the courage to use it. I could not be more grateful for what they have given me and I truly wish a world for them where they are not told that how they look is all that matters.

Needless to say I have been busy and have lots of work ahead! I could not possibly be happier and watch for lots more blog posts and online events coming soon!

I want to also make sure that I thank you for being here. It’s this amazing community that’s makes this all so wonderful and I appreciate each and every one of you.

So much more is coming your way!