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Motherhood is such a challenging yet wonderful time in our lives and I am here to help you feel confident and strong in your body & your mind.  I can’t wait to join you on this journey!
— your glow igniter


Igniting your momma glow with the

Embrace & Glow Experience

I have seen and personally experienced how moms are made to feel like there is something wrong with themselves after having their babies. In fact, research shows that over 61% of moms wish they had their pre-baby bodies back & 75% feel stressed out by the pressure to be perfect. Neither of these things are even possible to attain- moms are being set up to fail. My mission is to help them celebrate just how powerful & limitless they truly are by igniting their momma glow & change the way we speak about the postpartum period.

When we all are united in lifting each other up we are truly unstoppable.
— Amanda Ingram, Embrace & Glow

The Origin of Glow

I believe that we are each born with a bright light glowing within us. Overtime, this Glow is dimmed by limiting beliefs placed upon us.

We go from being in the moment full of joy that our legs can simply carry us places to being told there is something wrong with those legs if they don't fit into a certain size of clothing.

When pregnant, our Glow spreads into our children to be reborn again brighter but ours is further dimmed, when instead of celebrating the miracle our bodies have performed, we are reminded of its aesthetic failings. No more.

I want us to celebrate as women and mothers. To step into our power and see our bodies as the instruments of life and love that they are.

I built up slowly and released beliefs that my body was weak and broken and saw myself for the powerful being I am.

With every negative story we unlearn about ourselves, with every step we take to build ourselves up, with every time we move our bodies our light shines a bit brighter. We are powerful & limitless. We have Ignited Our Glow once again.

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Amanda Training
I went from worrying my body would never look or feel the same again after my baby to knowing that this new body is able to do more than I ever imagined possible!
— Andrea M.

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You are somebody, not some body.

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